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Dimash's puppet double was created by a fan from Korea

It is happened to known that among the huge army of fans of Dimash there are many creatively gifted.

A Korean craftswoman named Bomi created a replica doll of a famous Kazakh singer, Arnapress.kz reports. The girl published the results of her creation on her Instagram page.

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"Exclusive Dimash’s pose", – sighned by author.

In addition, a talented girl demonstrated the stages of creating a doll.

Followers of the craftswoman did not stint on enthusiastic comments:

"Great job!"

"So cute!"

"How do you do this?!"

"I love Dimash very much!"

"Haaaa, I want this doll!"

However, to the chagrin of those wishing to become owners of the "puppet" Dimash, the girl’s page indicates that her dolls are not for sale.

In an interview with Arnapress.kz correspondent, Bomi told that she happened to see one of the Dimash’s performance on YouTube. The singer immediately sunk into her soul and even inspired by new creative ideas.

– Why did you choose the Dimash character?

– His song was s impressive I had never heard before. I fell in love at first sight. His charisma and voice overwhelmed me. I wanted to make him sing on stage by my hands, – recalls Bomi.

– Was it difficult to create this doll? If so, what was the difficulty?  

– I wanted to make him when he sang seriously on stage. So I had to make a look when he was opening his mouth? And I had to make a tooth and the tongue. That was the hardest thing to make. But it was very fun.

– What is the fate of Dimash’s doll? Where is it now? What you are going to do with it?

– It’s for personal purposes, but there are a lot of people who want to buy it from me. I wish I could sell it and enjoy it with a lot of people, but I can’t sell it in violation of his portrait rights.I’d like tomake the Dimash doll a little bit more in different facial expressions and sizes. I want to share a more beatifl Dimash doll with every, – says Bomi.


Foto: instagram / @author0509


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